We should rename this page ‘About You’ because ‘The Jack Bro‘ is all about YOU. We just keep it, ‘About Us’, as WE are always with you in this journey of transformation. We welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in learning more about us. Let’s start by presenting a welcome message from our founder, Shahbaz Ahmed.

Welcome to our platform.

Hi there! I’m a jack of all trades, master of quite-a-few and I want you to be the same too. Besides ‘The Jack Bro’ platform, I work as a freelance consultant for scientific writing, research, analysis, and corporate concierge. I am being trained as a medical physicist by qualification. However, I believe being a jack of all trades is helpful in achieving my goals not only as a ‘physicist in medicine’ but also as a ‘human’.

Shahbaz Ahmed, the brain behind ‘The Jack Bro’.
A quotation about us, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." - The Jack Bro

The idea behind ‘The Jack Bro’ came from the modified phrase based on the above quotation, “jack of all trades, master of quite-a-few”.

What is so Special About Us?

A lot of people believe that the quotation noted above has been modified by dropping the last part. It has thus been reduced to “A jack of all trades is a master of none” (as per Wikipedia, accessed on 20th July 2022). This version implies a negative connotation. The antagonists say that one should be a specialist, i.e., “master of one“. However, we disagree with this model and we take the liberty to use a modified version instead. We believe that a jack of all trades, a master of quite-a-few is better than those who are just a ‘master of one’ type specialists.

In addition to mastering one or more skills as primary specialization(s), it is important to learn a little bit how-know of a lot of other skills. That’s why we adopted the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of quite-a-few’ for ourselves. In doing so, we are not alone; many others including Graphic Designers, programmers, Freelancers, etc. are in the same boat. You can also join this avenue by either browsing our blog, or by contributing to it.

We believe that more and more businesses are now getting used to this new approach. Either they are transforming every member of their existing human resources into such a ‘Jack’. Or they prefer hiring someone who is a ‘Jack’ (not necessarily Jack Dorsey though 😃). However, there are still many old-school believers who do not appreciate someone being a ‘Jack’.

We believe we are among the best of the 1000s blogs out there. This is because we provide you with first-hand, (jack) expert-vetted information through our blog. You will find the ‘Jack’s Way’, not the ‘Just-Another-Specialist’ way. That’s why we are not just another blog. Do you have any doubts about us? We would like to hear from you, then. Ping us by dropping us an email at info@thejackbro.com.

Why be ‘The Jack Bro’?

We started ‘The Jack Bro’ to inspire and educate others with this approach. We want to tell people that one can be a great specialist in a particular skill in addition to being ‘a Jack’. In fact, many specialties require someone to be a jack to succeed in that particular specialty. This is especially true for leadership roles for virtually any specialty that we can think of. Let’s take the example of the director of a healthcare facility. Although being a clinician would be helpful in such a leadership role, it would be nice (or even essential sometimes) to know the business, management, finance, science, technology, etc.

Is it okay to be a jack of all trades?

Absolutely, YES. Jodie Cook (the author of Ten Year Career, and Forbes 30 under 30 from Europe) agrees that it is essential for success. But we will leave that up to YOU. We modified the concept of jack. By glancing through the above information, do you think it is okay to be such a jack?

Still confused? Let us direct you to our blog post specifically written on this topic. Click here to read it now.

How to Reach Out to Us?

Do you agree? Or disagree? Please feel free to contact us to share your thoughts.