The logo and branding base for the Jack Bro
Our Logo

Our Graphic Designer

Our logo and branding design is put into life by Afnan Nizam Al A., a freelance graphic designer and web developer operating through Upwork. If you like it and want to get your work done, contact her through Upwork now to get her logo and branding services.

The Umbrella

The umbrella in our logo and branding materials represents the ‘Jack of all Trades’. Just like an umbrella covers a person entirely, we believe that a ‘Jack of all trades’ (or the Jack Bro) does the same.

RGB Colors

As you know, we can get virtually any color by a combination of the three primary colors, Red (R), Green (G), and Blue (B). That’s why we chose to use these three primary colors in our logo and branding to highlight ‘The Jack Bro’ concept.

Our Byline

Our byline states, “Jack of all trades, master of quite-a-few”. As is evident by the statement itself, we encourage you to become a jack of all trades, and a master of quite-a-few skills. We will help you in achieving that tag for yourself. Let’s get started by browsing our blog.

Ideas for 100% Best Practices in Designing Logo and Branding

  • Your logo and branding should reflect the motivation, values, and activities you are involved with. Just think of something (like an object, a place, a flower, an animal) that connects with your business. You can use that for your branding.
  • The second thing to consider would be the colors; choose the ones that relate to your business. You can take an idea from your competitors’ branding.
  • Other things to consider would be fonts, bylines, artwork, and creativity. You can definitely take inspiration from popular logos and brands to get ideas to create your logo and branding strategy.
  • We really liked the Netflix logo and branding guidelines. You can also look for the same from world-leading brands.
  • Just type in the “logo and branding guidelines” + “brand name” in Google to browse through various open-source information available to you in the digital world.

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